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2022:   7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 12/15.
2023:   1/19, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18, 6/01 6/15, 7/06, 7/20, 8/03, 8/17, 9/07, 9/21, 10/05, 10/19, 11/02, 11/16, 12/07, 12/14.

February 16, 2023      
Dustin Williams
Field CTO

February 16, 2023      
Tiffany Miller
Head of Digital Technology

March 16, 2023      
Stacey Lumley
Senior Software Engineer
October 20, 2022      

Kevin Grogg
Technologies Service Owner
Watch Now      
Caryn Woodruff
Director of Technology

November 3, 2022      

Chad Heath
IT Operations Manager

Watch Now      
Mustafa Seifi
VP, Software Development
November 17, 2022      

Anita Rao
Director, Global Product Data
Watch Now      

NJ Robinson
IT Director
Air Force

November 17, 2022      
Edward Pok
Director, Data Governance
London Stock Exchange Group
December 1, 2022      

David Plowden
Director IT Operations
US Department of Defense
February 16, 2023      

Malcolm Bihm
Director of IT

Watch Now      
Wesley Rhodes
VP Technology Transformation
February 16, 2023      

Arun Kumar Bhaskara-Baba
Global CIO
December 1, 2022      

Lakshmi Subramanian
Deputy Chief Data Officer

December 15, 2022      
Rob Swannie
Director of IT Infrastructure
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Rui Ferreira
Software Solution Executive
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Geoff Mendal
Director, Software Engineering

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